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REACH provides students that have a learning disability the opportunity to develop and improve skills specific to their unique needs. REACH focuses on acquiring content knowledge, helping students to improve study skills and strengthen self- discipline and self-confidence.
Students will be considered on the basis of their ability to gain from the program of instruction at BMCHS and to benefit from and contribute to the social, recreational, educational, and spiritual climate of BMCHS. Appropriate entrance tests and evaluation of current school records are prerequisites for admission.
Students interested in the REACH Program must meet the following requirements:
1. Have current testing within three years from a qualified examiner that reflects intellectual ability, academic achievement and documentation of a learning difference
2. Ability to succeed in a college preparatory program, evidenced by report cards and standardized test scores
3. Successful completion of eighth grade
4. Take the STS test, and other necessary placement tests
5. Good attendance record
6. Exemplary conduct record
7. Two letters of recommendation
8. Campus visit and personal interview with REACH team