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Google Drive Privacy Policy

The BMCHS Moodle website utilizes a Moodle repository that allows users to access their personal Google Drive accounts.  By creating a PRISM account and utilizing this feature, you accept the follow terms.

  • Who is requesting Google user data? PRISM uses the Google Drive integration feature to allow registered BMCHS Moodle users to access their personal Google Drive accounts.

  • What data are you requesting? The BMCHS Moodle Google Drive integration allows access for users to view and manage the files in their own, personal Google Drive account.

  • Why are you requesting Google user data? The Moodle Google Drive repository must connect to Google's authentication servers in order to access content stored on Google Drive.

  • The Moodle Google Drive repository only allows you to access Google Drive documents for the purpose of uploading into a personal Moodle LMS course. You cannot upload or share files with the Moodle Google Drive repository.

 Access to Google user data is strictly limited to viewing and managing files within Google Drive.